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Tools and products for lashes

Aug 26, 2020
1.Lash Tweezers -- Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. With the help of tweezers, false eyelashes are applied more smoothly and quickly.
2.Precision scissors -- Use the scissors to clip the false eyelashes into the length that suitable for your eyes. The precision scissors are good for clipping the lashes, super conveniently!
3.Lash brushes -- The lash brushes will keep your lashes upright, in order, separated and at a natural angle. 
4.Eyelash adhesive -- Eyelash adhesive is probably the most important part of applying the eyelashes. We need to choose the adhesive with the right consistency. Now there is a kind of black eyelash adhesive. Don’t worry about the white residue on your eyelids if you use this kind of black adhesive. It makes your false eyelashes more natural.

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