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The contrast of false eyelashes material

Dec 15, 2020

False eyelashes: Made from natural hair, such as mink, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows.
The hair quality of this false eyelash is similar to human hair quality, but very soft, with a little bit of oily gloss, and natural curl, the whole very much our own eyelashes.
So wear and real eyelashes mixed together, almost as if it were the real thing, very good naturalness.
Artificial fiber false eyelashes: synthetic, woven, combined with the sharpening process, the fiber hair tail is sharpened, the thickness is clear.
The hair of this kind of eyelashes is hard, arranged orderly, the curvature is consistent, the gloss of the eyelashes under the light is higher than the false eyelashes of the true hair, the naturalness is slightly lower than the false eyelashes of the true hair.

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