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How to remove the false eyelashes?

Aug 26, 2020
1. If you want a natural option, use steam and oil to remove the lash glue. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach, use a lash removal gel to dissolve the glue and remove the lashes. Both processes are quick, easy, and won't damage your natural lashes.
2. Either way, when the false eyelashes can be removed easily, 
Use your fingernails to raise the band of your eyelashes , then use the tip of your thumb and index finger to pull the false eyelashes up from the inner corner of your eye. The techniques of operations should be gentle and careful.
3. For used lashes, remove the adhesive and put it neatly in a box.In this way, the curve of false eyelashes can maintain invariable to use for many times. In addition, you have to keep the eye shadow powder and mascara away from the lashes, or the lashes will be stained and damaged.

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